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So that you can direct your attention to those clients that matter, rather than those clients that don't pay.

Commercial Debt

It is crucial in today’s economy use to the most practical and professional method to recover overdue accounts and invoice as this is the easiest way to ensure your business runs smoothly. The majority of businesses still do not have a procedure to deal with such matters and if they do, the cost effectiveness needs reviewing.

Here at Liverpool Debt Collection we only partner with the UK’s finest debt collection agencies that specialise in commercial and business to business debt recovery services. Our partner firms have expert knowledge of all industries and you can rest assured that we will provide you with the correct solution for yourself and your business.

We recognise that the recovery of overdue accounts in business is regularly overlooked, as business owners often tend to prioritise new business over old business that has not been paying. Sometimes this can be a real mistake as the longer you leave an overdue account, the less likely it is to be paid. Our partner firms are all experts in the recovery of overdue debts and they will act at a much lower cost than a solicitor would. The practical methods and fixed fee operation of our partners guarantee to maximize the potential of a recovery for you or your business.

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